Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drabblecast cover art !

On Friday I got a e-mail from the art director of The Drabblecast podcast. asking me if I would do some art for an upcoming episode. It was very exciting - and naturally I said yes. It's for one of their 'trifector' episodes - where they run three stories by different writers on a similar theme. Of the three stories I read, I got the most vivid imagery from one creepy little tale about 'yarn babies'.

I initially got this idea for the art :

Which wasn't too bad, but I'd gotten hung up on the stitched heart on the first of the yarn babies. When I thought about it some more - the image of the second one in the hands of her 'father' got me thinking. I decided this was the better way to go. I've started vectoring out some of the outlines already :

I've got till the 11th of April to get it finished. I'm excited to see where this one goes !


rlsizemore said...

I recorded the narration for that story, and I thought it couldn't be any creepier... until I saw your sketches. Nice work!

Seraph said...

Thank you !