Saturday, January 10, 2009

Which were worse ?

Ewoks or gungans ?

By a hair - I'd say gungans. But it's a close run thing. MIGHTY close ...


Jack Dee said...

Yes Ewoks are slightly better because they confounded our expectations, look like silly Teddy bears but can actually fight like a real bear(in groups.
Gungans were supposed to be a civilization with technology and skill but ended up like a bunch of goofballs. You would like to have an Ewok friend you could take them to meet your mates and they would be cool with that. Hanging out with a Gungan would just be a real drag

The Writer said...

The mere thought of gungans sends me into fits of rage comparible in intensity only to the collision of super massive black holes. Ewoks on the other hand only rate annoyance on a planetary collision scale.