Monday, August 14, 2006

"That was a quiet sounding party..."

So. There was a reunion get-together thingy for our 48hr film team on the weekend, hosted by the crime-fighting duo of Jenni and Lee.
Viva and I get into some decent "time to meet people - not lounge around in track pants and sweaters" clothes, get into the car ( braving what seemed like at the time to be sub-arctic weather ) and drove to their apartment.
I announce our presence at the intercom outside ( I said "It's me" - which I shouldn't really say. Like Jenni's gonna know who 'me' is. Also it apparantly sounded a lot like I said "It's LEE" - which made Jenni wonder just who it was who was with her in the flat. Never a good thing to do to your friends ) and we get buzzed in.
"Wow" said Viva "That was a quiet sounding party.", as we head up the lift.
"Yeah" I reply "... Maybe ... they were ... busy... eating.", giving the tupperware container of savoury scones I had baked ealier in the day a small shake.
We knock on the apartment door, and enter into the scene of Jenni and Lee, playing an x-box game. That was it.
Hmmmm. Something was not right in this picture. I'm no party-animal, I'm pretty sure that 'get-together' usually involves slightly more people.
"Hey guys" said Jenni - slightly warily I thought, and who could blame her ? - "What's going on?"
"Ummmm ... wasn't there a, y'know ... party ... here tonight ?"

Goddammit. I didn't really read the instructions all that clearly. I think I just saw the word "get-together" and naturally thought Saturady night. Duh.
Sunday was unfortunately pretty booked out for me ( desperately trying to catch up with some school work, and making papermache masks for my Y13 Drama class - we're doing a Greek comedy and EVRYONE needs to have a mask ... though I'm not too sure how I got lumbered with making them ... ), so I didn't get to the party/get-together at all. Gah.

Still - it was nice just hanging out with Jenni and Lee for a little bit. So not a total loss.

I've REALLY got to start reading instructions more carefully though.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad that you had to watch me kill Cyclops three times.

Anonymous said...

You know that it *was* actually Saturday, but we all decided to turn up the next day instead, to freak you out!

WHy are the Y13 not making their own masks? Seriously!

I am busy organising a crime scene for my Y11 Forensics assessment. Bah.

Seraph said...

Ah-HA ! I freaking KNEW it ! You all did a good job of hiding / keeping quiet.

The Y13's are not making their own masks because :
a) I'm stupid.
b) See a).

They HAVE been helping - but I've been doing a lot of it. The crime scene thing sounds very cool ! I hope it goes well !