Monday, August 28, 2006

God is fickle !

We've recently had a leaky roof. A section of our rumpus room ceiling collapsed as a result. Large and distrubing water stains appeared in our downstairs guest room ( which we like to call "The Yellow Room" - because ... it's painted yellow ... ). We got in touch with a guy who knows about these things. He did stuff - he checked things out - he came back with an estimate on how much it would cost to fix.


Or - if I were to use the words I used when Viva let me know that wee price -

( Ah-hem )


Apparantly it's more than JUST the roof. The whole extension downstairs was built "badly". Water is pooling on the walls and then seeping through. A window in the upstairs kitchen needs to replaced. He's getting a list of things for us.


So that's bad.

Needless to say - we're getting an independent inspector to assess what he thinks the damage might be. Personally - I'm hoping for a shade cheaper that 30K.

Say goodbye to getting a Playstation 3 this year, I think ... ( wahhh ! )

And ... maybe food ...

Seriously SERIOUSLY uncool.


BubbaJay said...

What is he going to build it of gold?
Get another 2 quotes dude.

Seraph said...

I freaking HOPE so !