Monday, July 31, 2006

And now - a maths joke

Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip ?

To get to the same side !

Wah ha ha ha ha !!!

Okay - kinda geeky, but really - "the same side" ! Comedy gold.

Did you know that the international symbol for recycling is a mobius loop ?

Don't say that you never learn anything with your ole' pal Seraph !


Anonymous said...


ah yes indeed comedy gooooold. you are a legend.
heres an interesting link to Mr Picasso head.think Mr Potatoe head.
Dance when people expect you to speak!


BubbaJay said...

Okay Seraph Dude, these days when I 'learn' something new - it means I unlearn something old...
That crappy joke just cost me 'The Munch Bunch' Theme song.
You owe me...

Seraph said...

Argh ! You've just made me REMEMBER the 'Munch Bunch" theme song ! I think we're about even here !