Thursday, April 29, 2021

New Project idea - "King in Yellow" playing card woodcut

 I've been wanting to get into a new woodcut, and nothing was coming to me in terms of imagery for a new Tarot design.I was scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, and I happened on a piece of art on the 'The King in Yellow' - the eldritch horror fictional play. I've loved the idea of 'The King in Yellow' ever since I first encountered it in a game of Call of Cthulu I played back in the 90's. 

 It was a neat picture, and was a cartoonish representation of Hastur ( The 'King' ), Queen Calisda ( one of the tragic figures in the play ) and her children. 

 And I thought - 'Hey, a playing card - one half Hastur and the other Quean Calsida - would be pretty cool.' 

 So that's where I'm going ! I've done a couple of experimental sketches ( nothing amazing there ! ), and I think it could look good. Here's the current one. I think I spent more time measuring up the dimensions of the card ! 

I don't like the current placement of the staff, and I think I could change the arm to a mass of tentacles. The mask is alright, but I could make it look much more sinister. The cloak needs work. BUT - I like the idea and the direction. 

More as it happens.

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