Monday, September 16, 2013

Working Holiday - Finished

One benefit to being horrendously ill is that there's little you can do except sit still and not do much. The 'not much' I have been able to do is move the pen on my drawing tablet and FINALLY get this piece of cover art done !

Here's the base art :

And here's the final piece with the added text : 

Not bad. I think the gun turned out well - though I made some mistakes with the colours going on the wrong layers which made shading really difficult. I like the Tharronian case sticker on the right of the case too. The leaflet was going to be some tourist thing - Interesting Things to do on Tharronia ! - but in the end it made a better assassination floor plan thing.

I don't know about the text placement - but I think it's in the best place it can be. It makes the whole thing a bit 'busier' than I would like, but them's the breaks.

Time to get this sent in to the editors.

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