Saturday, May 18, 2013

Titania and Oberon - Colour #1

Jeesh - been SUPER busy at work with the production, AND I've been doing this writing challenge as well, so that's cut into the art time, which has made me very unhappy. But I went to a TMBG concert last night, which was fun. Sure - I got effectively stood up as well, but that wasn't going to make me now enjoy seeing those guys ( it was so good ! ).

Anyway - had a little time this evening to tidy up the outlines and start to add some colour :

It's always exciting to get to this stage - the picture really starts coming alive.

I'm going to try using clipping masks with this piece ( which I've only just learned about in the last couple of weeks - they sound REALLY useful ). More soon - seeing as I have to get this done in two weeks !

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