Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Late for a good reason this time.

You might have noticed there is no new 'Thing a Fortnight'.

This is largely because of the birth of my second son, Lorenzo Alexander Moretto.

He was born on the 24th of March, at 7.51pm.

He is healthy, and a good deal more relaxed than Angelo was at his age ! Which is good.

More soon - but I have started a new blog for Lorenzo ( largely to facilitate picture viewings by grandparents who - for very good reasons - don't want to deal with that 'Facebook nonsense' ). You can check out the little guy here :

Lorenzo : OMG - ALMB !

Thanks for your patience !


Celeste said...

So cute! Congratulations to you both :) (Not being on Facebook and Svend forgetting to tell me stuff sometimes has its drawbacks!)

Kj_Wright said...

I dub the the Moretti, a clan of Vampires who delight in the windy environments of Wellington. They look cute - but then they grow their TEEF. Rar!
(Seriously, congrats again :D )

And is it coincidence that my "word verification is varamp? Which sounds a lot like vamp? I think NOT!