Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What would Aristotle say ?

So, I'm down at the toy library with Viva, helping her get the toys back into the storage area, and I pick up this girls bike.

It's VERY much a girl bike. It was a vivid, almost violent, pink colour. There were spangly bits. There were star designs on it. There was a rainbow or two. I even think there was a unicorn.

Then I notice the name of the bike.


What ?

The ultimate girly bike is named after one of the most quintessentially MALE gods ever ? God of the sun and medicine ?? Does that make any sense ? Shouldn't it have been called the Artemis, or the Diana ?

Or am I being too cerebral here ?


BubbaJay said...

All those Greek Gods where all pretty much ac/dc if yo know what I mean...
For them it was not a macho thing, you could equally macho in drag. But only if you went way serious into it!

Seraph said...

You have made an excellent point Dr. J. It had slipped my mind that the ancient Greeks were like 'that'. MInd you - does that make it any more acceptable to be the name of a little girl's bike ?? As a father of a little girl, what are your thoughts on this ?

BubbaJay said...

Honestly as a name for a girls bike, you could do worse. The 'cool' factor is arbitrary for a bike anyway. What you jump that bike over and how much on fire that thing is you're jumping is what determines the wow factor.

Kirby said...

I think they weren't thinking so far back! Maybe it's meant to go like a rocket, eh?
Now. "Cruiser". There's a name for a bike... and it probably has several different connotations! I had two. Both with truly awful paintjobs done by yours truly.
Ahhh memories...