Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was sorta expecting this

Angelo has quite a large supply of toys. He has generous grandparents and older cousins and friends who have outgrown things. Many stuffed and soft animals, trucks and such.

Do you know what his favorite toy is ?

An empty plastic jar that once housed fish oil capsules.

He loves that freaking thing.

Oh - and he's very fond of cardboard boxes as well. But he's very enamored with jars. He got into the pantry last night while Viva was cooking and swiped a jar of marmite. He was BESIDE himself with joy - almost running away and laughing to himself, partly because he had stolen a treasure from 'the cave of wonders' ( aka pantry ), but mostly because he had another jar.

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Jenni said...

Pictures of Angelo with his jar would be appreciated :)