Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First word ?

I was minding Angelo while he was having a bath - and he had managed to haul himself up and was clinging to the side of the tub. Viv came in from the backdoor with some dry washing and Angelo saw her come in. Then he said 'hello' !

It SOUNDED very much like 'hello' anyway. It was more a 'heh-wooah' if you wanted to be technical - but it was pretty amazing none the less ! He said it again the next morning too !

Unofficial first word perhaps ? :-)


debbie said...

Cool! Dom's first word was 'Dada'. Actually more like his first 1000 words have been Dada. He is holding out on the Mama still though. 'Hello' shows far less favouritism.

Conan said...

Sounds like he's picked up the sound made when people first enter a room/place. So I would claim it as the first word.

Congratulations! Your son is learning to be polite before saying "dada" or "mama."

I see he is still being as cute as ever! :D

Seraph said...

Debbie - He says 'dada' and 'mama' all the time - though it's more like 'dadadadadaaaa' and 'mamamumamaaama'. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with us though. the 'dadada' sound seems to mean 'I am having fun here / this is exciting / yay', whereas the 'mamama' sounds are 'I am getting upset / I am upset / I want comforting'.

I am glad that the first 'real' word is one with, as you say, less favoritism ( though he has really only said it to Viv ... ).

Conan - We do say 'hello' to him a lot - so it wouldn't surprise me if he had a vague idea of what it means / when you say it. I think I will claim it and write it up in his baby book !

Yeah - he's pretty darn cute alright ( but I'm kinda biased that way !! ).

Jenni said...