Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fictional slang

Okay - serious question.

What would be the slang term that super-powered teens would call those that had the power of flight ? In a , say, post-apocalyptic world ?

Or super-strength ? Speed ? Energy manipulation ?

Best I've come up with is 'zip' for a speedster - but I'm not sure it's something a teen would say.

Typical. I'm surrounded by them everyday, but the way teens think is still freaking alien to me.


BubbaJay said...

Flight - Birdy
Strength - Tonka Toy

Matt said...

Glider, Flyboy or Flygirl.

Tank or Terminator or roidinator or roidhead for physical strength and toughness.

Thrower, Flamethrower, Incinerator, toasty etc for flame-based powerz.

Speedster, flojo, zipper, gapster, fleet street, track star (trackster?), soupson (super sonic, small amount of ingredient?).

Matt said...

Actually, I kinda love 'toaster' for flaminating abilities.

And the smack-talk - "Dude looked like a freaking tank but he turned out to be a total marshmallow. I toasted him up good."

Matt said...

"I was just chilling on the corner with Freaky Bob when this major flojo goes whistling by. I swear she was so fast I wouldn't have even peeped her if she hadn't smacked straight into this Weird Science nutjob. Dude was all lab coat and white afro, floatin' about a foot up over what was left of the pavement. Chick shoulda bowled him the hell over but he was all microwavin' her, liftin' her up over his head and shit. Started shoutin' at her too, but this weird buzzin' sound was comin' out of his fro so I couldn't hear a word of it."

Seraph said...

Thanks for that guys - there's some good stuff there. Oddly enough, 'birdy' got suggested by more than one kid I asked at school. 'Glider' is nice - though possibly a little peaceful sounding. I like 'tank' and 'zipper' too. 'Toaster' is pretty cool - though I rather like 'Pyro' too ( though that's perhaps a little cliched ... ).

debbie said...

Toaster just reminds me of BSG.

What is this for? (if you don't my asking:-) Are you writing/making a cool superhero story/film or something?

Seraph said...

THAT'S right ! I thought that sounded familiar.

I've had a post-apocalyptic themed story kicking around in my head for a few years now. I keep starting it - but it never quite has the vibe to keep going. Well - either that or I'm too lazy.

I was mulling it over a week or two ago and had a vision of a squad of teen super-soldiers wiping out a bunch of 'unregistered' people outside civilization's walls, blindly following the orders of their handlers - and one of them beginning to wonder if what they were doing was right.

I liked that kinda direction for it. So it's sorta a super-hero story - but not really.

I'm not sure how cool that is - but it's a start ! :-)

debbie said...

Sounds like a cool idea.

Jack Dee said...

Thiamin Riboflavin and Niacin !
everything will be named after food additives in the future, actually in a few more years there will be no food as such just additives.
sample dialog

Niacin: Watch out Thiamin ! its Ribo-Favin supreme Overlord of Xylitol !

Thiamin: never fear youthful sidekick , the power of folate justice shall prevail
Multidextrose Attack !

etc. etc. etc....