Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Family Art Assignment

My good pal Hix is publishing his RPG 'Bad Family' ( formerly known as 'The Lucky Jones' ) and he asked me if I would help by contributing some art for it. Hey - I'm up for helping out a pal in a artistic way - and seeing as it was the holidays and I would have the necessary time, I was up for the challenge.

Seeing as Matt has put his contributions up ( and a fine collection of images they are too ), I thought I'd do the same.

Hix gave me a number of starter ideas to work from - and this is what I came up with :

1. A little girl being taunted by the tree she's scared of climbing.

I had initially worried that the tree looked a little too evil - but Hix had way more problems with the tree's non-pointing hand ( at first it was wrapped around it's tree-like belly ). Got it sorted in the end though !

2. A grandfather being pursued down the highway by cops, cars and helicopters

I had to change this to a grandmother as Matt had done a grandfather in a hi-tech wheelchair. I like the grandmother better !

3. A drunk mother trying to deliver a lecture to her kids

I went for only the one kid. I thought the sermon on the horrors of soda-pop while wasted out of your head was a nice ironic touch.

I fair degree of work here, but time well spent I think ! Hix liked 'em I think, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in print !


Matt said...

Those are beautiful man! Love the shading work. My favourite is the Granny on a motorcycle. Genius!

hix said...

Yeah, I'm loving the stuff that both of you (Gino, Matt) are coming up with - they're really capturing the spirit of the games I've played of Bad Family. And really making me want to finish writing the damn game.

Jenni said...

Gosh, these are seriously cool!

Of course, I am sad that there are no teenage boys trying to prove they're not gay :)

BubbaJay said...

Dude, love that Devil head you drew!!! Draw more!!!

Seraph said...

Thanks a bunch guys !

Jenni - I am sad that I'm missing gamer group action ... though not so much the teenage boy non-gay angst thing. Man - that was some uncomfortable RPGing !!

Jenni said...

You say uncomfortable RPGing, I say exploring the issues.



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