Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have never been so consistently tired in my life.

I am so behind in everything.

It's report season at school.

I am almost single-handedly running the school film production ( THAT was a great idea ... ).

And yet - when I sit down with my wee boy, bounce him on knee and he smiles / gurgles / laughs - it is all worth it.


Anonymous said...

I was amazed that I could continue to function with the amount of accumulated tiredness I had in Term 1, and I have distanced myeslf from most exta-curricular activities! It was interesting to discover that I could actually keep going though, without collapsing. Of course, I did gain 3 kgs as a result of using an 'extra fuel' coping mechanism :-)

When Dom started laughing and smiling it was freakin' sweet, and baby-giggles remain a precious commodity!

Anonymous said...

does it help to say, it gets better. well no, that is wrong. not better, but you do get used to lack of sleep and you kind of get used to just being a parents.

give it time dude. talk to nat. he has tips. :)