Monday, September 04, 2006

Masks draining my will to live - New mouse dilemma

I spent most of the weekend threading hair into a series of masks I've been making for my 7th form production of "The Frogs" - a Greek comedy.

Not that it was real hair or anything - it was bargain basement wool ( hopefully from some kind of sheep - but at the price I paid I'm sure it might well be from some kind of South American killer bat. You can get wool from a bat can't you? I'm sure the witches in 'MacBeth' had some ... )

I've had more enjoyable weekend activities - but there was something kind of fufilling about it.

I'll try and get a photo of how they're all coming along a bit later.

Our work laptops got upgraded - which is good. But it won't use my old laptop mouse now - which is bad ( I freaking can't stand using touch pads - they NEVER work properly and they're too damn fiddly ). I have to get a new mouse. I figure I should upgade my home PC one to a cool new laser mouse ( with a freaking laser ! How cool is that ? Sure - you can't shoot someone with it - but it's only a matter of time ... ) and then I can use my old optical USB mouse on the lappy - which is good. But the laser special gaming mouse that looked like it really rocked cost around $125 ! Which is bad ! As much as I would like it - I really can't bring myself to pay THAT much for a mouse. So screw it - I'll get a decent mircosoft / logitech optical one.

Beh. So - ruminations on buying a new mouse arn't all that interesting.

I think I'll get back to painting my masks and making noses for the ones I still need to.

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