Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dunesteef Cover Art - 'Linger'

I'm currently producing a piece of audio fiction for the Dunesteef podcast. It only just occured to me that part of that production would be sourcing some cover art for it. I considered asking a friend of mine to have a try at it, but in the end I had a decent idea - so I've decided to do it myself.

First - I vectored out a bit of a cityscape :

 Next - I coloured it :

Then - I outlined a 'man in a hoodie' pic I found online : 

Then I added it into the city scene, and got rid of the outline / colour behind it with a layer mask : 

 Then - some snowfall :

That's it so far. I still have to colour in the man figure, give him a face ( of sorts ), and add in the title / author text and the podcast logo.

Shouldn't take me too long !

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