Friday, June 01, 2012

Thing I made - The Pirate Ship Pinata - Finished

Oh yeah - I totally forgot to post some pics here of what the pirate ship pinata finally looked like !

I posted something on Facebook - but some of you won't be on facebook ! Here are some pics of how it turned out :

Not too bad I thought - especially for a first try at a pinata. I DID end up making it far too strong though. Before the party I had to pull out all the cardboard 'skeleton' and then I scored a number of 'structural weaknesses' into the hull with a craft knife. It was a good thing I did too - those kids NEVER would have broken it otherwise !

Here's the ultimate fate of the ship "

All that hard work - smashed ! Heh - well, that's what I built it for.
Afterwards, Angelo had a great time dragging it round playcentre by the rope :

Good times.

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Carolyn said...

What a fantastic pirate ship. Looks like so much fun for a young boy!!