Monday, March 24, 2008

The New Banner ? Perhaps...


hix said...

You're so money, baby!

How did you wreak this graphical devastation?

Seraph said...

Thanks Hix - it was all wrought though the power of photoshop ! What I did was :
1. Drew three different 'bomb' things in my sketch book in pen.
2. Scanned those in to the computer.
3. Coloured the bombs.
4. Warped the shape using the 'transform' tool to give them a sense of perspective and 'falling'.
5. Arranged the three shapes on three different levels and stacked them.
6. Painted the text on the bombs - then used the 'transform' tool to curve them to the surface of the bombs. Then coloured them better.
7. On a separate layer I made shape that looked like a bomber hatch bay opening. Then copied and inverted that shape to make the second one.
8. Found an overhead map of somewhere on the net. Transformed the colour to grayscale ( then back to RGB ) and messed around with the 'curves' feature to get the shapes right.
9. Merged the layers together and saved a version as a jpeg.

The spray paint on the bombs arn't as great as I would have liked them, so I might go back and tweak those a bit. But overall I'm kinda happy with the result !