Monday, April 30, 2007

"Doom" - a mini-review


Please ! Karl Urban! I KNOW you only did this for the money and exposure - but PLEASE ! I was starting to rate you as an actor after LOTR ! And then you do something like this ! It's "The Irrefutable Truth About Demons" again ! Well - not QUITE as bad, but it gets damn close !

And 'The Rock' ! Oh dear LORD, how TERRIBLE is this guy ? He should have kept his acting limited to the wrestling arena - where I'm sure he's Laurence Olivier in comparison to the other 'entertainers'.

ONLY worth seeing for the 'first person shooter' segment - which was kinda cool, but at the same time ... baffling ! Seriously - play 'Doom3", the plot and intensity are easily ten times better. And I only played it for 15 minutes before I got too scared !


Meredith said... were expecting top rate acting in the movie of Doom/any movie based on a computer game?!

C'mon, it was so wonderfully naff it was genius...ok, well, fun at least. I enjoyed it although either the dvd was skipping or the editor was high.

PS - I admit I screamed out loud on more than one occasion whilst playing Doom3, but I finished the game damn it.

Seraph said...

I guess I was expecting something that was a little more true to the game, and something that was a little more full on from the word go. Why did they change the whole "hell - demon" angle ? Genetic experimantation ? Give me a break ! I guess they didn't want to lose potential revenue from the Bible-Thumpers of the U.S or A. Or something. You would THINK that for the money they obviously shelled out on effects and set ( which must have been fairly substantial ) they could have got a semi-decent story. It was just kinda painful - where it could have been something closer to 'Aliens' if they had done it right.

And well done for finishing 'Doom3' ! I wussed out big time. They did such a great job of making that game REAL freaking scary ! And I never saw anything more mean than a zombie ! Cripes !