Friday, January 26, 2007

Who is Ginger Tom?

I was round at Jenni's place on Tuesday - planning for our next RP game, a scenario based around a X-Men styled school for superheroes - only we're going to be delinquent punks and the school is going to be more like a brat-camp / last chance before the big house type deal.

As we were planning prospective charaters ( I'm going to play a guy who can turn into various other elements, but also we a touch of regeneration - the guy was trying to get high with his friends, but his regeneration kicked in and processed out the drugs instantly. The guy starts trying stronger and stronger drugs - all with the same result - before being rumbled buying / using / getting-caught-stealing-to-buy heroin ) and the topic of secondary characters came up.

We came up with this guy who calls himself "The Skink", who has fantastic plans for being a superhero - but has NO powers which are useful ( he might have a detachable tail ). A rather sad and melancholy character really - he'll have his costume, his patented 'skink-sycle' and stuff - but ultimately be rather useless.

We were thinking of a possible nemesis for The Skink, and I said something along the lines that it should be a cat ( thinking of how much Shadow likes to catch skinks, put them on the slippery tiles, and watch them try and run away ). Jenni mentioned the name "Ginger Tom". That really struck a cord with me - it was such a good name ! Not in a superhero sense perhaps, but it's a great name for a character.

I've been trying to work out who Ginger Tom could be. So far I think he might be some kind of sky-pirate in a kind of techno-magic steam-punk styled fantasy setting. I can imagine him swinging from the rigging of his corvette-blimp, a pair of flintlock pistols slung low on his belt, a weathered fencing blade at his hip. He has a strange perchant for high tea and is trying to work out why his new design for attack kites is failing so badly. His first mate is a Moor, on the run from Sorcerers in the East. I think at least one member of his crew is a robot - probably clockwork. He's the kind of guy I think I could come up with a story about !

Does the name mean anything to you ? Who do you think Ginger Tom is ?


Conrad said...

Ground Control to Ginger Tom...

Seraph said...

Space man eh ? Not bad !

Jenni said...

sounds cool, G. You should write a story about Ginger Tom!

I liked The Skink, because unlike people who have powers based on geckos, he can't even climb walls! Man, he's lame.

BubbaJay said...

Ginger Tom - He's covered entirely in ginger coloured fur. He's small, about the size of a cat. Oh and he has a cat like face and tail.
His superhero abilities include;
1. The power of instant sleep!!
2. The ability indetify and locate new shoes - and then piss all over them!!
3. The uncanny and much envied power of being able to wash his own testicles!!
4. The dramtic character flaw of limited personal shame re #3!!

Struggling to keep his Superpowers hidden (except for #3) Ginger Tom constatnly strives for acceptance in world that BRANDS HIM a cat.

...and he hates The Skinks' guts.