Friday, May 05, 2006

Gagging for it

Oh dear - boys are pretty funny sometimes.

I was taking one of my junior performing arts classes today - it was last lesson ( trouble ), it was a Friday ( double - trouble ) and a big inter-house competition had just been cancelled due to rain ( run to the hills ! ).

There were some girls from our sister school in, they had the day off. I think their teachers all got ebola or something. Anyway - one of them walks past the door. These doors are mostly wood - they have this narrow pane of window space, she couldn't have been visible for more than a second. But see her they did.

A chorus goes up from a few of them "A GIRL !!!"

The general crowd ( whose 'girl-o-vision' can't have been working too well today ) echoes back "WHERE ??!?!?"

"There are just a few girls from the production next door helping with props ... " - man, was THAT the wrong thing to say !

"There are MORE ???!!?!" cries one of them.

"HERE ???!?!?!" came they general response from everyone else in the class.

I came close to getting the emergency fire reel and hosing them all down in an effort to shut them up !

Sheesh - I hope I was never THAT sad as a second former ! Mind you - I went to a co-ed school, so I got to see girls everyday. Probably took some of the magic out of it.

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